Toyota’s New Humanoid Robot Can Imitate Human Actions

Toyota has unveiled its latest robot, the T-HR3 – the company’s third generation humanoid robot. T-HR3’s unique feature is that it can mirror the movements of its human controller.

The T-HR3 can imitate human movements through the Master Maneuvering System – a remote control system that directly communicates human movements to the 29 body parts of the robot. This Master Maneuvering System ensures that the robot accurately and instantly imitates the human actions.

Toyota’s Master Maneuvering System – basically a chair – is equipped with two arms that are fitted to the human operator, giving the operator full range of motion of the robot’s corresponding joints. The Master Maneuvering System is also equipped with two feet that allow the operator to walk in place to move the robot whichever direction. In order to see the world from the robot’s perspective, the human operator is fitted with a head-mounted display.

T-HR3 is designed and developed by Toyota’s Partner Robot Division. Toyota plans to use T-HR3 to safely assist humans in a variety of settings, including medical facilities, home, construction sites, disaster-stricken areas and even outer space.

“The Partner Robot team members are committed to using the technology in T-HR3 to develop friendly and helpful robots that coexist with humans and assist them in their daily lives,” Akifumi Tamaoki, general manager, Partner Robot Division, said in a statement. “Looking ahead, the core technologies developed for this platform will help inform and advance future development of robots to provide ever-better mobility for all.”