Locus Robotics Develops Warehouse Robots that Communicate with Each Other

Locus Robotics, an autonomous warehouse robotics company, announced that it has developed a system that allows warehouse robots to communicate with each other.

Locus Robotics’ newly developed system called “Locus Robotics Advanced Navigation” (LRAN), which uses Locus’s autonomous robotics navigation software, allows multiple robots to complete their tasks in a coordinated fashion, while navigating through congested spaces and working alongside human workers. According to the company, each robot is automatically linked to a system and shares the same information such as locations, travel routes, and performance reporting.

“Until now, it was challenging to have multiple robots operate in a coordinated fashion in a warehouse Environment. With our new Locus Robotics Advanced
Navigation (LRAN) system, we can support large numbers of robots operating seamlessly and collaboratively alongside workers in a warehouse,” Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics, said in a statement.

Mike Johnson, co-founder and president of Locus, said that the development of the LRAN system, specifically enabling multiple robots to move around the warehouse without affecting the traffic flow of a warehouse “represents a significant leap forward in warehouse productivity.”

Locus Robotics debuts its collaborative and autonomous robots at the ProMat 2017 Show in Chicago – a material handling logistics show. Karen Leavitt, chief marketing officer of Locus, said that they have designed the Locus Robotics’ booth at the ProMat 2017 Show to look like a small warehouse, demonstrating how the company’s multiple robots complete their tasks, while working alongside humans.