Salesforce Launches myEinstein Allowing Everyone to Build Predictive AI Models and Chatbots

Salesforce announced the release of myEinstein – a platform that allows anyone, regardless of skill levels, to build customized predictive AI models and chatbots.

According to Salesforce, with the myEinstein platform, an employee of a certain company can build customized predictive AI models that predict business outcomes, such as predicting the likelihood that a customer would stop doing business with the company or predicting the lifetime value of an account.

myEinstein platform, Salesforce added, can enable anyone in the company to build customized chatbots that can do the tasks of answering questions and retrieving information, allowing customer service agents to focus more on complex questions of customers.

myEinstein Builder Interface

According to Salesforce, building a customized predictive AI model or a chatbot via the myEinstein platform can be done with just simple clicks. The company said users are guided in building, training and deploying AI predictive models and chatbots. The customized AI predictive models and chatbots, the company, can be embedded directly into Salesforce workflows.

The company added that the more these AI models and chatbots are used, the more they will learn and perform better by “delivering accurate, personalized recommendations and predictions in the context of business.”

“Salesforce reimagined AI, bringing it out of the lab and into the hands of business users with Salesforce Einstein …,” John Ball, GM and SVP of Salesforce Einstein, said in a statement. “Today, we are further democratizing AI by empowering admins and developers to transform every process and customer interaction to be more intelligent with myEinstein. No other company is arming customers with both pre-built AI apps for CRM and the ability to build and customize their own with just clicks.”